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Curtis Nadj, RMT

Curtis Nadj

Curtis Nadj, RMT, treats a wide spectrum of massage conditions, ranging from general relaxation, to postural assessment and correction, to complex neurological conditions and orthopedic injuries. Having also trained in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Thai medical systems in addition to his western healthcare and massage education, he brings many aspects of those experiences into his clinical thinking and practice.

Curtis commonly treats postural imbalances, post-activity soreness and overuse injuries, low back pain, and upper and lower limb pain and dysfunction. Specific conditions that Curtis has treated recently are:

Curtis’ rich and varied life experience gives him valuable insight into the function of the human body. He has been a soldier, an office worker, a teacher, a diver, a team athlete (hockey and rugby), and a martial artist, and has not only learned from those experiences, but has learned how to integrate and apply them for the therapeutic and orthopedic benefit of his patients.

On a daily basis Curtis teaches and practices a variety of traditional Asian health, exercise, and meditative methods, including martial arts like Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xinyiliuhequan, preventative, therapeutic, and exercise forms of Qigong and Ruessi-Datton, and static and moving meditation, and he has worked hard to be accepted by and train with some of the world’s top masters and teachers in these skills. He believes strongly in the profound connection between body, breath, and mind, and the importance of integrating these three aspects of our existence in daily life and in therapy.

The ability to combine knowledge of traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Thai medical systems with the scientific clinical thinking of an RMT makes Curtis a relatively unique practitioner. As part of recent research, he was able to use these combined approaches to achieve rare and measured success in facilitating short-term relief from the tremors of Parkinson’s Disease.

In clinical practice, Curtis uses a variety of muscular assessment and manipulation methods. He supplements these with breathing and relaxation exercises, and active or passive muscular and myofascial stretches. His treatments may include techniques such as:

After completing a degree in History, Classics and the Humanities at one of Canada’s top universities, Curtis spent 16 years studying, training, and working in Asia before he returned to Canada to become a graduate and valedictorian of Victoria’s West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Curtis’ personal history, the challenges of the West Coast College program, interactions with patients, and his own interest in education and problem-solving combine to create a desire to be a lifelong learner. Put simply: Curtis is glad to be part of the DVMTC team. He loves his work, and looks forward to finding treatment solutions and facilitating wellness for his patients.

Therapist Curtis at work

In His Own Words

“I believe that in life we should do good work that helps others. To that end, I’ve been a soldier, a teacher, and now a massage therapist. One of my goals is to earn my living doing work I can believe in. As a therapist and teacher, one of my deepest rewards is in seeing people optimize the operation of their bodies, minds, and health.”

“Time spent on assessment is never wasted. Through good and detailed communication between patient and therapist, we often find causes of injury or pain that we might not otherwise have discovered, or sometimes even have considered, had we not taken the opportunity to look deeper. For myself, assessment is part of the fun of this profession, because we have to put our minds to work like a detective, even for the seemingly simple cases, to optimize treatment results and effects. It also gives us measurable baselines and benchmarks by which to experience and demonstrate progress.”

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Alison Toye, RMT

Alison Toye

Alison Toye, RMT most commonly treats chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, overuse injuries (such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome), and muscle, tendon and ligament injuries (such as whiplash and muscle strains).

Specific conditions that Alison has treated recently are:

Alison has a strong intuitive approach to treating. Her extensive background in sports gives her first-hand experience in rehabbing from injury. She is trained in Eldercare massage. Alison is able to give a gentle healing touch as well as strong deep tissue work when needed.

Alison’s practice includes a healing movement based touch to allow deep relaxation. Myofascial stretching, deep muscle tissue stripping and active stretching are common. Alison uses a wide variety of techniques each massage to make desired changes. Homecare is given to allow further progress between sessions. Some examples of common techniques used are:

Alison graduated with honours from MH Vicars School Of Massage Therapy in Calgary, Alberta. Alison is currently an RMT in both Newfoundland and British Columbia. Before becoming a massage therapist Alison was a registered pharmacy technician (RPhT) in both Ontario and British Columbia. She has a very strong knowledge base in anatomy and physiology and has experience working with a wide variety of medical issues. Prior to pharmacy she worked with the disabled community, elderly and children. Alison is very excited to be working at Downtown Victoria Massage Therapy Clinic and is ready to help you with your therapeutic needs.

In Her Own Words

“I strongly believe in working under the patient’s guidance as they know their bodies the best. The patient is in control of every session to allow complete comfort and relaxation. The patient works with me to determine which techniques we will try both on the massage table and with their homecare at home. I find the best results are achieved when the patient is involved and in control of their care. Suggestions and encouragements are given of course!”

“Massage therapy is such a rewarding career. It allows me the physical work that I thrive for but also challenges me intellectually as the human body is so mysterious. I enjoy working with such a variety of people. Helping others has always been so fulfilling for me throughout my life. I strive to bring a calmness and relaxation to my treatment room so the patient can melt away from the stresses of their life, even if just for that brief time.”

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Shanna Wighton, RMT

Shanna Wighton

Shanna Wighton, RMT most commonly treats patients with chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches, whiplash, low back pain, tendonitis, and overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder or tennis elbow.

Specific conditions that Shanna has treated recently are:

Shanna has a strong skill set for treating patients with chronic pain. From personal experience she is well aware of the life changing impact of a long term pain condition. One of Shanna’s strengths is her palpation skills. With chronic pain cases, a very specific and appropriate depth of pressure is required.

Shanna’s practice includes a combination of slow rhythmical relaxation techniques, complex myofascial stretches, and deeper therapeutic modalities. Her practice may include techniques such as:

Before training to become a massage therapist, Shanna earned a Child and Youth Care Degree from Malaspina University-College and worked as a counselor for youth at risk. She has a deep understanding of the complex relationships between physical, emotional and psychological stress.

Therapist Shanna at work

In Her Own Words

“The patient is the expert since they have the most knowledge about their condition. My role is to give suggestions to help the patient formulate a health care plan and to achieve their goals.”

“I strongly believe in treating holistically. I look at all aspects of a patient’s health and may make suggestions for self-care. I use a very wide range of tools to treat patients. Every patient is different, and everyone needs a different combination of techniques. I never treat exactly the same way twice.”

“I work as a massage therapist because I enjoy meeting new people and taking on new challenges. As a RMT, I have the amazing opportunity to create positive change in another person’s life.”

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Rob Wighton, RMT

Rob Wighton

Rob Wighton, RMT most commonly treats patients with chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches, whiplash, low back pain, tendonitis, and overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder or tennis elbow.

Specific conditions Rob has recently treated are:

Rob’s strong background in athletics and weight training is an asset when working with athletes or helping patients to recover from injuries. He also has a special interest in treating painful chronic conditions and helping to break the pain-tension cycle that often develops in these cases.

Rob’s practice includes a combination of slow rhythmical relaxation techniques, complex myofascial stretches, and deeper therapeutic modalities. His practice may include techniques such as:

Rob is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. The full-time, 2 ½ year, 3000-hour program has some of the highest standards of training in the world. Assessment is one of Rob’s strongest skills and he welcomes the challenge of difficult-to-diagnose problems.

Therapist Rob at work

In His Own Words

“Massage therapy is a rewarding career because it combines the intellectual challenge of assessment, the interpersonal connection with patients, the opportunity to educate, and the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I work hard to create a calm, peaceful and healing environment to share with my patients.”