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$125/hour (GST incl.)

Downtown Victoria Massage Therapy Clinic provides therapeutic deep-tissue massage for patients with a wide variety of acute or chronic medical conditions. We will specifically treat your condition and manage your symptoms using a wide variety of massage techniques within the context of a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing treatment.

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“It is easy to individually praise Rob & Shanna, as they are both very skilled. I take strategic advantage of their respective strengths and use both of them in a ‘one-two punch’ treatment approach. Shanna and Rob are able to provide seamless care and expand the scope and effectiveness of their own personal skills with tremendous results.”

Wes C
Lawyer with early-onset osteoarthritis

Infectious Disease Safety Plan

Assessment and Prevention

  • All our therapists are up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Therapists will not work if they have symptoms of contagious illness.
  • We cannot provide treatment to patients that are currently showing infectious disease symptoms. Symptoms that are the result of a known pre-existing condition (eg allergies) are exempt.

Hand Hygiene, Facemasks, & Cleaning

  • Patients must wash hands at the sink or use hand sanitizer on arrival in the waiting area.
  • Facemasks are currently optional in all our clinic spaces. Facemasks will be worn by the patient and therapist in the treatment room at the patient's request.
  • Please note facemasks are likely to be required in future during times of the year when infectious disease spread is high (eg flu season).
  • All surfaces in treatment rooms and high touch surfaces in the waiting/office area are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.
Curtis Nadj

Curtis Nadj, RMT

Curtis’ rich and varied life experience gives him valuable insight into the function of the human body. He has been a soldier, an office worker, a teacher, a diver, a team athlete (hockey and rugby), and a martial artist, and has not only learned from those experiences, but has learned how to integrate and apply them for the therapeutic and orthopedic benefit of his patients.

Alison Toye

Alison Toye, RMT

Alison has a deeply intuitive approach to treating. Her extensive background in sports gives her first-hand experience in rehabbing from injury. She is trained in Eldercare massage. Alison is able to give a gentle healing touch as well as strong deep tissue work when needed.

Shanna Wighton

Shanna Wighton, RMT

Shanna has a strong skill set for treating patients with chronic pain. From personal experience she is well aware of the life changing impact of a long term pain condition. One of Shanna’s strengths is her palpation skills. With chronic pain cases, a very specific and appropriate depth of pressure is required.

Rob Wighton

Rob Wighton, RMT

Rob’s background in athletics and weight training is an asset when working with athletes or helping patients to recover from injuries. Assessment is one of Rob’s strongest skills and he welcomes the challenge of difficult-to-diagnose problems.