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Curtis’ Hours

Mon 2pm – 8pm
Tues 8am – 2pm
Wed 12pm – 6pm
Thur 8am – 2pm
Fri 2pm – 8pm

Alison’s Hours

Tues 2pm – 8pm
Wed 8am – 2pm
Thur 2pm – 8pm
Fri 2pm – 8pm
Sat 10am – 4pm

Shanna’s Hours

Mon 10am – 2pm
Tues 2pm – 8pm
Wed 10am – 5pm
Thur 8am – 2pm
Fri 10am – 2pm

Rob’s Hours

Mon 10am – 8pm
Tues 10am – 2pm
Wed 10am – 2pm
Thur 12pm – 8pm
Fri 10am – 5pm

The clinic is closed Sunday and most statutory holidays.

Please note the Union Bank building’s main doors are locked on statutory holidays and in the evening after 6 pm. Your therapist will come down to the main doors 5 minutes before your appointment to let you into the building.

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Initial Consultation and Treatment (60 mins) - $100

For your first visit to the clinic. A thorough consultation and assessment will take up the first 5-15 minutes. Past experience has shown us that we need at least 60 minutes to give a safe, effective, and thorough initial treatment.

90 min appointment - $140

For complex full-body conditions and deep relaxation.

75 min appointment - $120

When multiple areas of the body need complex attention.

60 min appointment - $100

Maintenance or followup treatment for multiple areas of the body.

45 min appointment - $80

Maintenance or followup treatment for one complex condition.

30 min appointment - $60

Maintenance or followup treatment for one simple condition.

All rates include GST.

Please note we do not accept direct billing for extended health care providers at this time. Although we are happy to work with MSP, WCB, or ICBC, we are a fully-opted out clinic in terms of payment. That means that the patient pays us in full, and then the patient seeks reimbursement from MSP, WCB, ICBC, or their extended medical.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your charts with us are a resource to you, and we will coordinate at your request with your lawyer, other medical professionals, or a case manager. We will always respect your privacy and confidentiality.